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we have received the have faith in of consumers globally. The high exact CNC gear, this kind of as Sluggish-feeding wire-reduce equipment, jig grinding device and electrical discharge equipment, guarantees the best high quality precision of mould processing, with the higher efficient and environmental defense acid rolling line being the greatest uncooked materials changing equipment in the subject in china The wildly use of automatic milling equipment, higher-velocity computerized feeding punch, large velocity computerized rolling and assembling device assures the substantial quality and effectiveness of components and chain producing. Obtaining amassed cherished encounter in cooperating with overseas customers,

EPT-EPTT LPG Gasoline CylinEPTTCircumference MIG EPT EPTT / Physique EPT EPTT

I. Entire automated welding line ( EPTTry record)

1 EPTT trimming amp poEPTTng EPTT
two EPTT hole punching EPTT
three EPTT joggling EPTT
four Autoamtic socket welding EPTT
five EPTT manage welding EPTT
6 EPTT bottom foundation welding EPTT
7 EPTTg welding EPTT
8 EPTT EPTTitudinal seam welding EPTT
9 Are plate chopping amp poEPTTng EPTT
ten EPTT head assembly and tag welding
11 EPTT head circumferential seam welding EPTT

Solitary circumferential seam welding EPTT

EPT torch

EPT source

EPT tracing program:

II. EPTnical parameter:

A. EPTT trimming amp poEPTTng EPTT

This EPTT is utilised for upper/decrease cap trimming, edge welding component outer poEPTTng. The principal shaft motor is 5.5KW, the poEPTTng motor is one.5KW.

The EPTT makes use of 4 column EPT presser composition, PLC manage, loading/unloading by mechanical arm, the cEPTTr mould rotation is EPTn by motor and EPT circumstance, the include is EPTn by the best oil cylinEPTTto find and push the workpiece, EPT technique EPTs outer blade feeding, the outer blade follows by the inner blade dish on the main shaft and cap workpiece to rotate and reducing. Side has a poEPTTng EPTT, the poEPTTng dish will EPTTr to eliminate the dust on the upper cap welding region, then rotation trimming and poEPTTng complete at the identical time. The outer blade and poEPTTng dish reset, the main oil cylinEPTTEPTn sliEPTTreset, and the assist plaaet will increase the higher cap and flash in location. The unloading mechanical arm moves into the cEPTTr of the mould to get rid of the workpiecce to the middle conveyor, then transfer to a gap punching EPTT. The internal/outer blade makes use of high use-resistant high toughness die steel materials, EPTT working daily life, it can reuse after processing by the area grinding EPTT, The interior/outer blade hole is 0mm, the distance among the chopping into the outer blade and interior blade is .2mm.

two established tools has unbiased EPT station and No.4, vane pump, 11KW. Each and every EPT station feeding the oil to two sets oil cylinders of the equipment, is EPT sliEPTTlifting and outer blade feeding reset, the EPTT operating stress set worth: outer blade nine MPa, sliEPTT(go over): 9MPa.

B. EPTT hole punching EPTT

This EPTT is utilized for upper cap gap punching.

The EPTT makes use of 4 column EPT presser composition, PLC manage, loading/unloading by mechanical arm, the mechanical arm will give up right after pushing the workpiece into the support pallet, the sliEPTTfalling down is EPTn by the prime oil cylinder, the cap EPTTrs into the reduced mould, the higher mould continuous relocating down to complete the hole punching, the scrap EPT into the aggregate box by way of the reduce mould cEPTTr hole. The higher mould and sliEPTTdelay reset, rise the higher cap in area, the unloading mechanical arm EPTTrs into the mould cEPTTr to remove the workpiece to the middle conveyor, then transfer to the socket welding and poEPTTng EPTT.

Equips with No.five EPT station, 1 set, plunger pump. Setting strain is 16MPa

C. Socket welding amp poEPTTng EPTT

This EPTT is employed for higher cap socket welding and edge welding portion poEPTTng. Equip with Panasonic YD-350GL4 welEPTT1 set, water cooling welding torch one pcs, 8L computerized cycle h2o cooling tank 1 set. The primary shaft motor is .75KW. The poEPTTng motor is one.5KW, equip with the grating stability protection.

The EPTT makes use of four column EPT presser construction, loading/unloading by mechanical arm, front is socket welding, driving is inner poEPTTng, the cEPTTr mould rotation EPTs by the motor, alter pace by EPT transducer. Place the socket in the higher cap cEPTTr gap by handbook, the leading oil cylinEPTTEPTs the sliEPTTmoving down, clamp the workpiece, locate and press at a single time. Soon after starting up the computerized operating plan, the mould workpiece rotates, the welding torch feeds in, and automatic arc welding. At the exact same time, the guiding internal poEPTTng dish moves to outdoors, poEPTTng the higher cap edge welding part. The welding and poEPTTng finish at the identical time. Soon after then, the oil cylinEPTTreset, workpiece rises in place, the unloading mechanical arm EPTTrs into the mould cEPTTr to get rid of the workpiece, and transfer to the manage welding EPTT via the middle conveyor.

Equip with NO. 6 EPT station, 1 set, vane pump, five.5KW. Placing stress: slipping 4 MPa, climbing 9 MPa.

D. EPTT manage welding EPTT, one established

This EPTT is used for upper cap deal with welding. Equip with 3 sets welding torch, three EPTs end at a single time. Equip with Panasonic YD-350GL4 EPTs 3 sets, welding torch 3 pieces. Primary shaft motor is .4KW, with the grating stability protection.

The EPTT makes use of 4-column EPT presser construction, PLC management, loading/unloading by mechanical arm, motor EPTs the workpiece rotation. Manually put the deal with in the upper mold cEPTTr situation which is fastened by the magnet, the loading mechanical arm give up following shipping and delivery the upper cap to the mould cEPTTr placement, the oil cylinEPTTfalling EPTs the higher mould and take care of press the upper cap in situation, the automatic operating program starts, the cEPTTr mould workpiece rotates, three welding torch feeding in at the identical time, computerized arc welding. After finish, the oil cylinEPTTresets, and the workpiece rises in place, the unloading mechanical arm EPTTrs into the mildew cEPTTr to clamp the higher cap and set on the middle conveyor, then transfer to the assembly amp place welding EPTT.
Equip with EPT station, vane pump, five.5KW. Location pressure: urgent 4MPa, climbing 9MPa.

E. EPTT joggling EPTT

The EPTT is employed for reduced cap trimming, joggling and outer poEPTTng. Main shaft 5,5KW, poEPTTng motor one.5KW.

The EPTT makes use of 4-column EPT presser composition, PLC control, loading/unloading by mechanical arm, motor EPTs the cEPTTr mold rotation, the leading oil cylinEPTTEPT the deflectable higher presser clamp the workpiece, the EPT method EPTs the outer blade feeding in, and do reduce cap rotating and joggling. Fter joggling, the outer blade reset, and primary oil cylinEPTTEPTs the sliEPTTreset, the support pallet rises the reduce cap in place. The unloading mechanical arm EPTTrs into the mildew cEPTTr to remove the workpiece to the middle conveyor, then transfer to the base foundation welding EPTT. The interior/outer blade uses substantial put on-resistant large toughness die metal content, EPTT functioning daily life.

Equip with No.two EPT station, vane pump, 5.5KW. Driving the sliEPTTlifting and outer blade feeding and reset. The setting pressure: operating pressure 9MPa, outer blade 9MPa, sliEPTT(protect) 9MPa.

F. EPTT base foundation welding EPTT

This EPTT is employed for reduced cap bottom base welding, equip with 3 welding torch, 6 EPTs could be completed at two times. Equip with Panasonic YD-350GL4 welEPTT3 sets, welding torch three parts. Major shaft motor .4KW, with the grating safety security.

The EPTT makes use of a four-column EPT presser framework, PLC management, loading/unloading by mechanical arm, motor EPTs the workpiece rotation. Manually put the bottom base in the higher mildew cEPTTr position which is set by the magnet. The loading mechanical arm quits following sending the upper cap to the mould cEPTTr placement. The oil cylinEPTTfalls down EPTs the higher mildew and base foundation to push the upper cap in position, the automatic working plan begin, the cEPTTr mold workpiece rotates, 3 welding torch feeding in at the very same time, automatic arc welding. Right after welding, the oil cylinEPTTreset, the workpiece rises in location, the unloading mechanical arm EPTTrs into the mildew cEPTTr to clamp the upper cap and place on the center conveyor.

Equip with No.three EPT station, vane pump, five.5KW, placing force: pressing 4MPa, increasing 10MPa.

G. Assembly and location welding EPTT

The EPTT is used for assembling the higher cap and decrease cap, vertical sort. Air cylinEPTTpress-in shape equips with press head connection rod, used for both 9kg and 14kg, change the relationship rod to switch. Manually put the reduce cap on the system, beside the situation, put the handle opener of the upper cap reverse to the base foundation welEPTTjoint, then assembly the higher cap into the reduce cap jogging part, open the handbook management air valve, the previously mentioned cylinEPTTpush the press head on the socket, automated push the higher and reduce cap. Check out the lap joint, if necessary, use the picket hammer to simply click the lap joint to make it closer, After assembling, handbook place welding, about two~3 EPTs for a single circle. Soon after welding, manually press the cylinEPTTto the loading conveyor, the manage is in entrance and base foundation is in powering, the assembly and place welding EPTT equips with SuperTIG-315 handbook arc welEPTT1 established.

H. EPTT circumferential welding EPTT

The EPTT is used for circumferential welding of higher and decrease cap, equip with welEPTTvision monitoring technique, finish the circumferential welding routinely, full automated and no operator, every set equips with Panasonic YD-500GS higher-velocity welEPTT1 established, drinking water cooling welding torch 1 piece, 8L circle cooling tank 1 piece. Equip with welEPTTvision monitoring method one set. The EPT handle system uses EPT PLC manage device, Professional-confront colour touch EPT operation EPT.

The EPTT makes use of a horizontal double shafts structure, the primary shaft, and the bottom shaft is the exact same, air cylinEPTTEPTs the feeding, the opposite moving clamp is making use of for clamping or dropping the workpiece. The principal shaft EPTs by the speed EPEPT, adjust speed by the EPT transducer, the major shaft motor EPTT is .75KW. The principal shaft and base shaft have impartial welding mould, the welding torch position can be adjusted aEPTT the cylinEPTTaxes path, there has fine-tuning in the welding torch, precision fantastic-tuning the welding torch placement. The EPTT head has a welEPTTvision monitoring system, X/Y shaft two-dimension monitoring EPTs the welding torch, X-shaft stepping motor 6N middotm, Y-shaft stepping motor 12N middotm. The EPTT head has an exhaust pipe employed for concentrating and exhaust the smoke. Equip with magnet mechanical arm system, 3 operating position loading/unloading gadget, loading/unloading conveyor, unloading raceway.

Observe one.) The arc place of circumferential welding need to in the very same line with bottom foundation welEPTTjoint two.) Before switch off the circumferential welding EPTT, must switch off the vision tracker very first, then switch off the circumferential equipment EPTT.

III. EPT managing in customers’ EPTT

IV. Benefit
A. Reducing labor EPT – Our EPTTs can run more than fifteen a long time, only one man or woman for getting care of six sets of circumferential welding EPTTs.
B. Lowering electrical power – welding pace is only sixty seconds for one particular circle
C. Reducing welding wires – (only one particular circle welding is essential).
D. EPTTer operation life
E. Less spatter – We paid about two million for Patent of YD-500GS Panasonic welding EPTTs

V. Certificate

VI. Customers checking out


We are a specialist manufacturer of solar water tank producing line, LPG fuel cylinEPTTline, EPT extinguisher production line, metal drum welding EPTT with much more than 30years of heritage.

We are improving technologies all the time and deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) the welding EPTTry market. We offer buyers with valued remedies incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. deep drawing, blanking, EPTTitudinal seam welding, circumferential seam welding, nozzle welding, powEPTTcoating, hydro testing, shot blasting tools, and so forth..Due to extremely automated, straightforward operation and trustworthy high quality welding gear, they are well-known and nicely-recognized in a lot of EPTT: pressure cylinders, EPT extinguishers, solar water tank, enamel water tank, stainless steel tanks, etc..Our EPTTry have been exported to numerous nations around the world, such as Russia, US, Australia, Turkey, Vietnam, India, Ukraine, MeXiHu (West EPT), and many others..

We are a EPTTterm EPTT, we will give EPTTterm EPTT EPTTry and EPTTterm cooperation for customers from all in excess of the world.

Our crew

We attend EPTTs all above the planet

Comprehensive EPTTs of the LPG CylinEPTTProduction Line:

No. Description Measurement ampSpecis Device
I Main EPT
1 EPT Push 500T set
2 De-colier and punching EPTT for little round sheet cutting from large sheet (content preparing for shell) XL-2 set
3 EPT slicing mould on EPT press established
4 63ton EPT logo stamping EPTT 63T set
five Shell drawing EPTT two hundred/three hundred set
6 Shell forming mould LS-two established
7 EPTT trimming EPTT QK-four set
eight Finish dish necking EPTT SK-three established
9 Cleansing EPTT QL-five set
10 Hole punching EPTT CK-3 established
eleven EPT Seat EPT EPTT HP-2 established
twelve ShroEPTTwelding EPTT HZ-one established
thirteen Base base welding EPTT DZ-one established
14 Assembling EPTT ZH-1 set
15 Alternative NO.1:Circumferential Seam welding EPTT HJ-3 established
Option NO.2:Circumferential seam welding EPTT One head Magazine set
16 Annealing furnace with burner TW-1 established
seventeen Hydrostatic Screening EPTT SY-six established
18 Shot blasting EPTT QYP15 established
19 EPT line JH-two established
twenty EPT mounting EPTT JF-two established
21 Air Leakage Screening EPTT Cm-two established
22 EPT EPTT ZS-2 set
23 Roller conveyor line m
24 Curve Convoyer m
twenty five EPTT line EPTT set
26 EPTized testing pump established
27 CylinEPTTdrying EPTT established

II EPT For Components EPT EPT
28 Punching EPTT/EPTT push 25T established
29 Punching EPTT/EPTT push 63T established
thirty Punching EPTT/EPTT press 100T established
31 Bottom base EPT forming EPTT set
32 ShroEPTTupper R EPT forming EPTT established
33 shearing EPTT 4mm*1.5m established
34 Shearing EPTT 4mm*2.5m established
35 EPT EPTT GZ-2 established
36 Coding EPTT BM-1 set
37 ShroEPTTrolling EPTT established
38 Base foundation rolling EPTT established
39 ShroEPTTmold set
forty Bottom base mould DM-2 set
forty one Bottom base welding EPTT established

III AuXiHu (West EPT) Dis.liary EPT
42 Air compressor (screw) ten/.eight established
forty three Air compressor (piston) two./3. established
44 Air storage tank 1m3/3Mpa set
45 Air storage tank 2m3/1Mpa set

IV Tests EPT
46 X-ray detecting equipment 2505C established
forty seven EPT home testing products WES-600B set
48 Burst pressure screening products set
forty nine EPT wall thickness testing tools set

EPTT Description for LPG Creation Line

1. De-coil and punching EPTT for modest round sheet reducing from a huge sheet(substance preparing for shell)
EPTnical info:
Raw material requirements:
Plate Thickness:two-4mm Width of the plate: Max.1170mm
ID of steel coil:450-800mm OD of metal coil:Max.1800mm WeigEPTT of steel coil:Max.25T
Coil blanking specification: Oslash370- Oslash615mm Blanking period of time:12s/time incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. auXiHu (West EPT) Dis.liary time

EPT EPTT technical info
EPT EPTT:46KW Norminal potential:6300KN Max.doing work stress:25Mpa
Slide travel velocity:120mm/s
Doing work desk dimension:2500mm(front again)*1500mm(still left*appropriate)
WeigEPTT of decolier:12T WeigEPTT of EPT press EPTT:23T

2.63ton EPT logo printing EPTT

3. EPT push drawing the head
Push the round sheet into a shell with dies.

four. EPTT trimming EPTT
This EPTT is dependable, effortless to run.
EPTnical data
EPT EPTT:five.5KW Air strain:.6Mpa Trimming time:20s WeigEPTT of the EPTT:one.5T

five. Conclude dish necking EPTT
EPTnical information
EPT EPTT:four.5-11kw Air force:.6Mpa Thickness of plate:1-10mm
Necking head diameter:one hundred fifty-1200mm Necking time:ten-50s (adjustable)
WeigEPTT of EPTT:1.5-3T

six.Cleaning EPTT
EPTnical knowledge
EPT EPTT:one.5kw PoEPTTng motor EPTT:one.5kw*two Air force:.6Mpa
PoEPTTng wheel feed variety:.2-20mm Performance:180Pcs/hour WeigEPTT of EPTT:1.2T

7.Gap punching EPTT
Punch the gap on the head of the cylinder
EPTnical data
EPT EPTT:five.5kw Punching pace:180Pcs/hour WeigEPTT of EPTT:1.5T

To total the welding of valve seat ring joints. Make sure uniform forming, excellent appearance, weld penetration and weld width meets the technological demands, the clamping is handy. Making use of submerged arc welding EPT, girth welding at a single time
EPTnical knowledge
Rated voltage:220V EPT EPTT:.25kw Air strain:.6Mpa

nine.Bottom foundation welding EPTT
Full cylinEPTTbase girth computerized welding. To ensure EPTity, uniform forming, great visual appeal, weld penetration, and weld width meet the technological needs, the clamping is handy. CO2 fuel protect welding method, complete in one particular-time welding.
EPTnical information
Existing:AC380V N EPT EPTT:.55kw Air cylinEPTTpressure:.5-.7Mpa

10.Protection enclosure welding EPTT
Full cylinEPTTbase girth automatic welding. To make certain EPTity, uniform forming, great physical appearance, weld penetration, and weld width satisfy the technological specifications, the clamping is hassle-free. CO2 fuel defend welding method, comprehensive in one particular-time welding.
EPTnical data
Rated voltage:AC380V EPT EPTT:.55kw Air cylinEPTTpressure:.five-.7Mpa

11.Assembling EPTT
To assemble equally halves of the cylinEPTTtogether and get prepared for welding
EPTnical data
CylinEPTTdiameter:250mm Air cylinEPTTpressure:.5-.7Mpa

twelve.Circumferential Seam welding EPTT

EPTnical knowledge
Voltage:AC380V N EPT EPTT:.55KW Rotation speed:Max.10rpm/min (adjustable)
EPT EPTT:.55kw

Selection NO.2:
EPTnical data
This EPTT is utilized to automatic Magazine circumferential welding for LPG cylinder, EPT extinguisher bottle,and many others.
EPT Size:Max.1500mm Oslash:250-400mm Thickness:2.five-6mm
This EPTT price tag incEPTT one established Panasonic welding EPTT(Model:GL3-500A),1 set cooling h2o system,welding seam tracker.
Generating ability:250 pcs/eight hrs

13. Gasoline car-base heat managing furnace EPTT
This furnace is designed to anneal LPG cylinders by implementing the flame from the gasoline burner on the cylinders. It composes, burner, flaming chamber, smoke EPTor, rails, EPT roller, exhaling technique.
It characteristic incEPTTs, adjustable time, self-manage thermometer, perfect warmth therapy consequence and EPT off pollution.

EPTnical info
Producing efficiency:75pcs/hr Feeding kind:EPTT EPT/cylinEPTTfeeding
Cleansing dimensions: Oslash320*700mm—— Oslash420*1250mm
Dimension:(L*W*H):12500*1390*1560mm detachable transportation

fourteen. Hydrostatic Screening EPTT
The EPTT is EPTT for metal cylinders of liquefied gasoline cylinders, relevant to companies and screening station for withstand voltage exams on cylinder. Irrigation, pressurization,force,mainXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. centralized management and automatic pouring completed by employing a h2o pump,geared up with a h2o tank,water can be recycled.
EPTnical info:
EPT strain:.6Mpa EPT EPTT:3kw
Hydrostatic take a look at strain:3.2Mpa Weight:1.1T

fifteen. CylinEPTTdrying EPTT
The gear is utilised for drying the bottle cylinEPTTafter drinking water force examination.

16. Shot Blasting EPTT
Shot Blasting EPTT for LPG CylinEPTTare predominantly employed to clean LPG/CNC/Gasoline cylinEPTTin a continuous through-feed procedure, take away remains of casting sand and cores, rust, previous paint, seen indicators of welding, remove floor tension, boost the tiredness power of the workpiece, increases workpiece film adhesion of the paint work, and in the long run accomplish the goal of improving the quality of floor and internal, put together for surface area protection (coloring, enameling, galvanizing, etc.).
EPTnical info
Produing effectiveness:80-120pcs/hr Shot blasting EPTT:2 sets
EPT motor EPTT:two.2KW Total EPTT:31.2KW
Excess weight:16T Workpiece dimension: Oslash320mm*680mm
EPTT dimension:(L*W):7885*2460mm

17. EPT manufacturing line
The spraying making line for U keep track of, utilizing electrical or natural fuel, gasoline oil,coal heating,scorching air circulation, the allocation of set computerized spray gun four, manual gun one. EPT powEPTTor paint on the metal cylinders appearance.The cylinEPTTinto the oven drying following spraying
EPTnical information
Doing work voltage:380V 50HZ Air stress:.four-.6Mpa
Total EPTT:15KW Operating performance:180Pcs/jr

eighteen. EPT mounting EPTT
The gear is appropriate for the liquefied petroleum gasoline cylinEPTTangle worth set up and use,it absorbs the domestic and overseas EPT EPT, making use of EPT management, pneumatic clamping, torque adjustable device, when achieving a certain torque,and go to the specified direction after the automated shutdown. The EPTT operation and fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble, hassle-free and safe
EPTnical information
EPT EPTT:2.2KW EPT velocity:1400r/min
Operate spindle speed:15.5r/min Working air stress:.five-.6Mpa
Usage per hour:one.14m3 Clamping cylinEPTTstroke:120mm
Rotation speed ration:1:fifty nine Weight:.9T

19. Leakage Air Test EPTT
The system for cylinEPTTdo tightness take a look at with,composed of a h2o tank,a lifting cylinder, a bottle feeding EPTT,electric powered handle portion, and other components,function a bottle-feeding mechanism of automated cylinEPTTwill deliver to be test station,a lifting cylinEPTTwill tumble into the water. the working staff rotation observations of the cylinEPTTis not leaking cylinder,right after the examination and the cylinEPTTout of the water, a loop end. This EPTT is sensible in framework,basic operation and routine maintenance.
EPTnical knowledge
Air strain:.6Mpa Screening air force:two.2Mpa
EPTT strain time:60s Weight:1.8T

  in Rajahmundry India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier LNG LPG Gas Cylinder Seam Welding Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Rajahmundry India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier LNG LPG Gas Cylinder Seam Welding Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler